SSC-32 Firmware Source Code and Bootloader OPEN SOURCE


Lynxmotion SSC-32 servo controller board



Download SSC-32 firmware source code for (Atmega8 and Atmega168) from here:

Download SSC-32 bootloader source code (Atmega8 and Atmega168) from here:

*contains also source code of the abl2hex utility!

** The source code is ported to gcc compiler! Instructions are present in the archives!

Schematics of the board can be found here:

User manual here:


Lynxmotion open source statement posted on their website was this:

The source-code for the SSC-32 is intellectual property of Lynxmotion, Inc.
SSC-32 Open-Source Information

The servo controller is Open Source which means we are posting the
source code for the bootloader and firmware. The goal is to have an
affordable platform that many people will provide firmware for. It
should also help many aspiring programmers learn some tricks. Anyone
can use the source code to write specialized firmware, providing you
allow Lynxmotion, Inc. to publish it for others to enjoy, and it is
not used in a commercial product. As it is, this servo controller
will outperform controllers costing two or three times as
much. Having several "flavors" of the firmware will make this an
even better value.


Respect your words! Lynxmotion!